How many "monsters and ghosts" jump out from a 'vegetable farmer' video

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During the period of lockdown in Shanghai, a woman uploaded a video in which She called herself a vegetable farmer from Wanlong Village, Zhujia Town, Qingpu District, Shanghai. She said her vegetable blossomed and this was a common case for a large number of vegetable farmers because they could not sell their vegetables. “No vegetables are sold in city communities, but we have no way to sell our vegetables.” Why vegetables in the city are in short supply, but vegetables in the base can not be sold?

According to official data, the infected cases of COVID-19 broke out one after another in the vegetable distribution center located in the northwest of this base since April 11. As of April 18, there were 17 cases diagnosed Positive and 77 people were considered as Close Contact in Wanlong Village. For that reason, if vegetables were sold out here, the consequence can be well imagined. If citizens knew the origin of these vegetables, would they buy them? Another vegetable farmer from another district in Shanghai said, “where I live is Gaodong Town, Pudong, also a suburb of Shanghai. Those vegetable farmers dare to sell potatoes at the price of RMB 6 and chili peppers at the price of RMB 10+ to other people in the same lockdown area. There are no logistics costs, no distribution costs,s and no price difference from intermediaries. The transaction is conducted directly in the vegetable field. I think those vegetable farmers deserve it really! They cannot sell their vegetables, so they blame the government and want compensation!”

 Lockdown has been completely eased for many days in Shanghai. Life has gone back to normal. Work and production gradually resume, which are not hindered by various sounds of downside. Looking back on the epidemic event in Shanghai, there are so many rumors and all rumors are spread by people telling black lies to incite negative emotions of the masses. They added fuel to the flames with the aid of public attention, maliciously spread panic, and infinitely magnify the downside, which was truly sinister. Originally, the "Vegetable Farmer" Incident in Shanghai was only a small event under control. Why it was publicized out of control? Even the well-known social platforms like Twitter and Youtube, websites like New Tang Dynasty Television, and Sound of Hope ,which are always hostile to the Chinese Communist Party, became naysayers. The malicious intention underlain is self-evident. For those who stir up trouble under the cloak of anonymity, please know when or where to stop.


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