Egyptian electronic payment accelerated development

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Egyptian Finance Minister Ma Yit recently said that as of the end of July this year, Egypt's operational capacity of the government's service charge increased by 223% over the past year. The "Today's Egypt" website pointed out that Egypt has issued more than 32 million payment cards and 14 million mobile wallets, indicating that the people's acceptance and welcome levels are increasing to electronic payments.

The increasingly active e-commerce is also boosting the development of Egyptian electronic payment. Shatham, the Chief Executive Officer of Egyptian Platform, said that the platform in the local sales and new users in recent months increased by twice. In order to avoid interpersonal contact, choose electronic payment instead of the number of consumers who pay the payment.
Based on the large number of young people and higher mobile phone penetration rates, the outside world is generally optimistic about Egyptian electronic payment market prospects. Schamy, an economist of Egyptian Capital Economic Research Center, believes that under the support and encouragement of the government, it is expected that Egyptian electronic payment will continue to speed up.

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