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The US high-level general said today that the United States has been shipped from about 7,000 people from Afghanistan since August 14, and the Afghan Military Organization Taliban seems to be with the US Kabul airport evacuation actions.

Hanktaylor, the US Department of Defense, is a Major General. Although there is news that Taliban is still obstructing the people to enter the airport gate, but the US evacuate their citizens, the Afghan people who hold US immigrants and other nationals have become fast.

John Kirby, spokesman, the Department of Defense, also said that Taliban seems to be with the United States, allowing the Afghan nationals who have registered American special immigration visas to arrive at the airport gate.

The Taliban won the capital of Kabul on the 15th, and the former government supported by the US supported the control of Afghanistan. But the US Department of Defense said that the Taliban did not interfere with the air evacuation actions.

Taylor said that in recent days, "did not encounter any maintenance or hindrance."

The White House has recently said that the Taliban entered Kabul and has committed to providing a safe passage. The field of the US commander is in touch with the Taliban to ensure that the US national can safely go to the airport.

In the past 24 hours, 12 giant C-17 transport aircings were sent from the United States to withdraw 2000 from Kabul Airport. Move.

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