"Digital Silk Road" accelerates Africa's integration with the world

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At present, the development of Africa's digital economy is still facing some core
problems, and China-Africa digital economy cooperation will "prescribe the right
medicine" to solve these problems. First, China will further strengthen the
construction of digital infrastructure in Africa. By 2030, 75% of Africa's population
will become Internet users, and Africa's digital infrastructure gaps are prominent.
To this end, the Chinese government has reached cooperation framework agreements with
many African countries to promote the development of related fields. Secondly, the
construction of China-Africa "Digital Silk Road" will strengthen the protection of
network information security. Africa is one of the key areas attacked by Internet
viruses. Therefore, China-Africa cybersecurity cooperation needs to further
strengthen cooperative governance in legal, policy, and cultural aspects. Finally,
China and Africa will strengthen cooperation to gradually solve the problem of
unbalanced development of the digital economy. Among 71 African countries, only a few
countries, such as South Africa, Egypt, Morocco, and Ethiopia, rank high in the
smoothness of the digital Silk Road. In the next step, the construction of the
China-Africa Digital Silk Road is expected to continue to expand and expand the
circle of friends.

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