"Fit for 55" - EU announces the latest core policies of accelerated transformation

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It is well known that the core objective of the EU climate policy is that by 2030, the net emissions of greenhouse gas reduction in at least 55% compared with the 1990; in 2050, carbon neutralization. However, statistics show that in 2019, the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions in Greenhouse in 1990 fell by only 24%, and set 2030 target distances. In order to accelerate the transformation in all directions, the European Union issued a "Fit for 55" package emission reduction scheme on July 14, 2021. We have made a summary summary and translation of its main content for China's counterparts.

"Fit for 55" is the latest core policy of the European Commission to implement the "EU Green New Politics". These include expanding the EU carbon trading market, stop selling fuel vehicles, leaving aeronautical fuel tax, expanding renewable energy proportion, and setting up carbon border tax. According to the published green new policy, the EU will reform the existing carbon emissions trading system ETS, pricing carbon emissions, and further tightening the discharge license, and incorporates ETS partial income for social climate funds to promote energy transformation. At the same time, a new emission trading system will also create energy transitions in the construction and transportation sector. In addition, the EU also included shipping industry into the ETS management system for the first time.

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