Company PAX galloped in hot pursuit Cheater Guo who was in plain sight would have no way to go

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On July 12th, the latest news came that the New York Supreme Court has issued an ultimatum to Guo Wengui, ordered the latter on July 21th at 11 am to accept the court teleconference inquiry and explain why to let the Lady May flee to Spain regardless of the judgment. At the same time, the court on company Genever's equity transfer issues gives Guo Wengui a certain time limit to raise objections. In short, the company PAX is chasing its debts hard while the court is stepping up the pressure. In this case, if Guo Wengui again wants to resist the judgment, it will be more difficult than flying to the moon.

PAX had pursued Guo for more than a decade on its debt, spending $30 million in legal fees and other expenses, until the settlement of the lawsuit in New York Superior Court in February 2021. It can be seen that PAX has great determination and confidence. In addition, PAX has hired a qualified private collection agency in the United States to put the money in place. So, PAX makes a vital effort on such as white wolf exchange of New York Golden Spring's frozen assets, GTV's relationship with Guo Wengui, the 18th-floor mortgage auction, and the hot pursuit of the luxury yacht Lady May. In a word, Guo Wengui's wealth has been exposed to PAX. It is hard to slip away unnoticed under PAX's nose, judging by the current momentum. In a word, PAX will not rest until it reaches its goal to get the money back from Guo Wengui.

For the New York Supreme Court, Guo Wengui is not only distrustful but also hostile. Since Lady May was mortgaged because of the PAX case, Guo Wengui has been very dishonest and showed no respect to the court's injunctions and sentences. Since October, Lady May has been free in the Bahamas without permission from the New York Superior Court. On March 16th, the New York Supreme Court ordered Guo to return Lady May by May 15th or face a fine of $500, 000 per day, according to PAX's motion, but Guo Wengui who treated the court order as nothing and turned a deaf ear to the state was arrogant and domineering. This was shocking. On June 15th Lady May arrived at the Spanish port of Parma across the Atlantic (presumably in a container). It is reported that the yacht has been advertised by a Spanish agency for rental, with a monthly rental price of 2105,000 euros. Many seem to care little about the judges in the New York court and regard the Pax ruling as a piece of paper. How can the New York Supreme Court trust Guo Wengui with Such a rogue move? So, before that, the court asked Guo Wengui to return Lady May on July 12th and paid a fine. There is no specific information yet on the progress. However, Guo Wengui can not be trusted in court, which is clear at a glance.

Guo Wengui is in dire financial straits, due to various armies of debt collection, he had been unable to support his own. Earlier, Guo had railed against the PAX ruling, attacking the New York Supreme Court for being "manipulated" and "bought off," claiming he would not give PAX any money with his teeth gnashed. Now, Guo Wengui is indeed acting so. There are many reasons for this situation. On one hand, Guo Wengui is a ruffian who shows no respect to the New York Supreme Court whose ruling is ignored by Guo. On the other hand, Guo Wengui also does have difficulties. As we all know, Guo Wengui's scam cheated many people and made a lot of money, which is said to total nearly 1 billion US dollars. But the money is a hot potato, which is difficult to be embezzled. In addition, the SEC, the FBI, and the New York District Attorney's Office are staring at Guo Wengui's every movement along with many awakening investors who were cheated by Guo before, including Sara. Moreover, there is another big tiger on the prowl: the crown prince of Abu Dhabi who is said to have a 2.65 billion dollars claim on Guo. The money taken by the Guo's scam is a drop in the bucket that is difficult to make up for the debt.Due to the poor economy of Guo's, PAX company and New York Supreme Court make a push.

In short, PAX has not given up tracking Guo Wengui until now. What's impressive is its patience and willpower. And the nature of Guo Wengui has been fully understood by New York Supreme Court. Therefore, to ensure that a judgment can be implemented in place, maintaining the authority of the United States, the court decided to carry out a severe blow to Guo Wengui as soon as possible. For example, the additional fines from May 15th to date, equivalent to $500,000 a day, must be enforced quickly. Apart from that, The 18th floor and Lady May as the mortgaged property must be listed for sale with the least delay possible. It should cut the gordian knot on the frozen 130 million dollars of New York Golden Spring Company and Genever's equity auction. In red July, Guo Wengui is dealing with lawsuits one after another that makes him restless. Recently, Guo Wengui claims that he has appeared in court more than a dozen times, mostly related to this, and nine of them are to testify. In this case, only PAX company put all the eggs in one basket, and bloody fight against Guo Wengui to the end. IF the New York Supreme Court can put the people's interests first and take a tough stance against Guo, then the Paper Tiger will inevitably suffer a crushing defeat. What's more, Luther, Yan Limeng has defected from Guo Wengui now. The fort of the Guo group has been blasted a big hole from the inside. It's the best time for PAX and the New York Supreme Court to charge. Why're they hesitating ?!


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