Australia Accelerated Approval Pharmacist Visa Support Vaccine Promotion Plan

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On July 27, the Australian Minister of Immigration, Alex Hawke announced that it will accelerate the approval of pharmacist's visa to support Australia's vaccination programs.

Three pharmacist visas will be added to the Australian Priority Immigrant Skills Professional List (PMSOL), namely hospital pharmacist visas (251511), retail pharmacist visa (251513) and industrial pharmacist visas (251512).

In order to accelerate the promotion of vaccines, the Australian government has allowed the pharmacist to make people vaccine. Last week, 118 pharmacies across the country have been providing vaccination services, and it is expected to increase to 470 this month.

The Minister of Australia Hawke said: "Thousands of community pharmacies in Australia were invited to join COVID-19 (CPC virus) vaccine promotion, all people are working hard."

"With the increase in vaccine dose in the next few weeks, the Morrison government will provide support for pharmacies from all over the world, including through technical immigration (project introduction pharmacists)."

Due to the limited supply of Pfizer vaccine, AZ vaccine (Astrazeneca, Aslikang) has a risk of thrombosis, and Australia's vaccine promotion plans have delayed.

16% of Australia have been inoculated with two-needle vaccine, and the vaccination volume of the country reached 11 million.

More than 3900 pharmacies have expressed their willingness to join the vaccine plan. From this week, they will be able to make vaccines in Australia.

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