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  1. I didn't get your message until now.= =""

    (Let me recall... How many missed call did you get from me?= =')

    That's ok, I understand.

    I see.

    (I'm a little sad when I couldn't find you at that time.ˊˋ)

    What is HJ? Lol.xd

    Ok, I believe you.

    You are one of my friends who can deeply trust.:)

    Still have to apologize, for my delay of the note.

    Hope you can forgive me.

    Well, this is what a friend indeed should do.

    Don't mention it.:)

    (But what happened? You spent almost a night on DB.0_o)

    Wish you good luck, when taking the exam.

    Wish you good luck, when solving problems.

    Call me ANYTIME you need my help. I'll do my best.